A narrow living room can be made elegant

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Decor for a narrow living room is not very difficult, if you only put your mind to it. Sometimes houses do not have enough space and all the rooms need to be well organized so that they do not look smaller. A narrow living room can look even more narrow and cluttered if you try and make it look elegant by dumping a lot of furniture into it. It is not meant for large center tables, huge sofa sets or elaborate chandeliers. Follow the less is more strategy when it comes to a narrow living room and you will be able to optimize the space that you have.

People make the mistake of trying to create space in a narrow living room by creating a space in the middle. Lining furniture up against the wall to create such a space will only make the living room look very crowded. This will, in turn, make the narrow room look more narrow. Create a sense of space by arranging furniture correctly in a narrow living room and see how it looks when you do that.

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For starters, choose slimline furniture for a narrow living room. Thin and streamlined wall cabinets to show off souvenirs. Sofas which are not bulky – choose low lying sofas and futons for sitting purposes or even just go for a mattress. You can accessorize these with throw pillows and cushions for a better effect. Then, you can go for low and small coffee tables, low stools – the emphasis should be on furniture that does not crowd the room in the least. Subtle lighting, no large chandeliers or fixtures, yellow light etc. are all features you could employ in a narrow living room to make it look larger and less narrow – wider, as it were. A narrow living room should also have a focal point like a large potted plant in a corner, a painting or a souvenir to draw the attention to.

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