Attractive Design and Style of the Antique Kitchenette

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Awesome Green Antique Kitchenette

You may have a small home but you still love cooking. Big kitchen is impossible to accommodate your need. Then you can have a kitchenette. With kitchenette you do not need large space. You can have it in limited space. By having this small kitchen you will still have place to prepare healthy food to your family. Kitchenette is not always cramped and crowded. It’s rather spacious and comfortable if you can manage it well. Kitchenette is very practical and serves you with the function of normal kitchen. Own a kitchenette will be just perfect for you who busy but still prepare handmade meal.

Old Antique Kitchenette

To make your beloved kitchenette more attractive you can design it in antique style. Antique kitchenette can be built be deciding the period of the kitchen style you want. Then you can decor it with suitable furniture popular in that time. For example you like European antique kitchen with European furniture. Next you can pick the accessories you can add to your kitchenette. Vintage cabinet with certain detail like Parisian cabinetry is perfect to give your kitchenette antique feeling. Antique plate and dining set look pretty displayed in the plate rack on your wall. If you already arrange the dining set then you can move to pick the suitable tablecloths, place mats, and napkin. These kitchen appliances add antique sense to your kitchenette. Then you are ready to place an antique rug to your floor. This rug will be perfect to prevent cold floor and spills of your meal then they will not make your floor dirty. Wooden floor is a good choice to give natural warm feeling while you and your family enjoying meal. The other thing you need to consider is the lightening. Choose perfect lightening match the period you choose. Then the last paint it well to present emphasize antique sense.

16 Photos of the Attractive Design and Style of the Antique Kitchenette

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