Basement Bar Design Ideas for Modern Minimalist Interiors

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If you think about converting your basement into an entertainment room then basement bar design ideas will come in handy. A bar is a great addition to have in a den, a ‘man cave’ or a home theater, where friends can hang out together, and have a whale of a time. A basement is the perfect place to have a bar as well, given that it is detached from the house in a certain manner and rowdy parties can be thrown without bothering those who are not a part of it! A basement bar is a good idea because that will help you organize your liquor bottles in a neat and methodical manner, and will help your home be more organized. A house with bottles or cans of alcohol strewn around will not look very attractive and therefore installing a bar is a very good idea. If you are the kind who is very eager to take up DIY projects then check out the numerous tutorials that are freely available online for setting up bars and install your own bar using detailed instructions on basement bar designs.

What to look for in basement bar design ideas

Basement bar design ideas are the best idea for contemporary and modern homes because they can fit into any space in a chic and elegant manner. Decide on what kind of bar you would want – whether you would want it to be a large bar with tall shelves or a compact one. Compact bars are actually a very good idea for a basement bar design ideas because you can easily fit it into one corner and arrange your bottles and cans attractively. Measure the space in the basement and arrange for the bar to be a proper fit in that space. This way you can ensure that the space is used in the optimum manner.  You will also need to figure out logistics of the bar – like whether you will have wooden molding, whether you will prefer to have bar stools, if there will be a fridge in the mini bar and so on and so forth. Accordingly you can get a readymade bar or you can buy the raw material to set up one of your own. If your basement is small and low then have a look at low basement bar ideas to chart the best course.

basement bar design ideas

Tips on looking up basement bar design ideas

When you are looking up basement bar design ideas, you can have a look at different themes as well if you want a snazzy bar counter. However that might be a little difficult to achieve if you are setting up the bar by yourself. For example, rustic basement bar design ideas will help you introduce an interesting shabby chic concept into your basement which you can then do up in a similar style. Choose bar molding to edge the outside corner of your bar so that any spilt drinks can be sustained within the edge and will not roll off onto the person sitting in front. Molding on a bar also allows one to rest their elbows on it and slouch while enjoying a drink. The height of the bar must be carefully measured so that the bar stools can be bought or made accordingly. Not only the height but the width of the bar counter and the bar stools must be considered. You can also decide whether or not you want a raised counter top hiding a lower rack where you can keep bottles, openers etc. away from the line of vision. There are many things to consider when deciding on basement bar design ideas, just ensure that you take precise measurements.



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