Basement Carpet Ideas to Improve The Interior Design

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Brighten your basement with colorful and vibrant basement carpet ideas and watch how your space comes alive with the color. Most might raise their eyebrows at the notion of the basement being a space that requires carpeting but to these people we say – think out of the box! A basement is a largely unused space and many households do not realize its worth. Old items that are of too sentimental a value and cannot be thrown away are packed into boxes and put away into the basement. It is usually a very dingy space with cobwebs and dark corners and in most horror movies, the scene of the crime or the haunting. However, if the basement is utilized correctly it can easily transform into another room in the house which can be used and therefore the functionality of the space and the house in general is improved. The basement can easily double up as an extra room, as a guest room, a nanny’s room, a bathroom, a child’s room, a family room, game room or home theatre. For it to have the exact look as the other rooms in the house, it has to have the same kind of interior decor. Spruce up the way a basement room looks by not compromising on the decor at all and the best way to improve it at once is to look up and implement basement carpet ideas.

Basement carpet ideas to consider

A basement can be really improved upon with basement carpet ideas. Since it is a room which is dark and may be dingy if you do not have enough ventilation in the form of windows, it would not be a bad idea to introduce color into it in the manner of carpets. Choose brightly colored weaves where basement carpets are concerned and ensure that your basement is made into a beautiful room. It may be difficult to cut out windows and definitely more expensive so the best option you have is to introduce bright shades into the room. Choose warm carpet colors for basement and add strategically placed warm lighting in the various corners to enhance the beauty of those colors. Popular shades include warm yellow, earthy colors like green, orange, brown and red.  You can either buy one colored carpets or a patterned variety in a combination of these colors. If your basement is a large one you can experiment with colors like pink, dark grey, even black etc.

Finished Basement Carpet Ideas

Basement carpet ideas to improve your home

When you want to consider basement carpet ideas, the first step is to measure the available floor space in your basement. This can only be done after you carefully and methodically remove all the various items that have been stored there and therefore make space for the room to be done up. Measure this space and then buy an area rug for the basement accordingly. This will really improve the interior design of the basement significantly and will ensure that the space looks warm and inviting. Choose rugs which are easy to maintain because a basement might be more prone to dust and grime than the rest of the house. If you choose one of those heavy carpets in a shag pile design then be prepared to vacuum it at least once in a week else there will be a lot of unwanted dust. You can also choose simple and thin cotton rugs for the basement as they are easy to wash and easier still to roll and store away. Warm woolen rugs are one of the best basement carpet ideas when you live in a cold place.



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