Basement Ceiling Options To Help Create a Unique Look

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There are a number of basement ceiling options available if you want to refurbish your basement or make it sturdy. A basement is a space which one can refurbish and make into a separate room, because it is a largely underutilized space. A home always uses a basement to store items of the house that are never used or a seldom taken out. This makes the basement a very disorganized space because it is rarely cleaned up and there are large stacks of boxes kept in disarray in the basement. Another common feature of the basement usually is that it is very badly organized and with no appropriate ventilation. All in all, this makes the basement rather dingy and unappealing. This is also probably why it is the most popular location for all the crimes and hauntings shown on television and the basement unfortunately gets the worst rap when it comes to rooms in the house! To reinvent the basement and turn it into another room completely, it is important to redo the entire room – paint the walls, restructure the ceiling and make it spic and span. This is where basement ceiling options come handy.

Why look at basement ceiling options?

Basement ceiling options are extremely important to consider in a non-interior décor sense. Often, the ceiling of the basement suffers damage and cracks being in the extreme foundation of the house. The basement is the place which will have the most number of pipes and electric outlets that feed the entire house. Therefore, the ceiling is susceptible to a large number of cracks due to pressure and water damage and other such issues. When this happens, it would be a good idea to consider options for the ceiling to repair it and make it better and stronger. Being at the foundation of the house it should not be weak and left in disrepair anyway. There are many materials to consider when one wants to refurbish a basement ceiling. Metal was used many years ago to make the ceilings stronger and more durable and also look great. Chrome was the metal of choice for many ceiling tiles and those who could not afford expensive metal looked to inexpensive ceiling options like tin, Styrofoam, plastic and others. Where inexpensive basement ceiling options are concerned, you can opt for a dropped ceiling, a Styrofoam ceiling, or plastic ceiling tiles.

DIY Basement Ceiling Options

Different basement ceiling options

Basement ceiling options are many, depending on what exactly you want to do with your basement. If you want to transform your basement into another room, a guest room, a family room, a child’s play room, home theater or a music room then you will have to choose the ceiling panels or tiles accordingly. For example, if you want the basement to be a room where you watch movies then you can consider Styrofoam ceiling panels and construct a suspended ceiling for your basement. This will ensure it is transformed into a sound proof room, which blocks out sound and clarifies the sound in the room better so as to make the movie watching experience fantastic – it will be like sitting in a theater almost! Other ceiling options which are cheap and sturdy are plastic ceiling tiles which can either be white or patterned. Choose good quality tiles which will not discolor or crack or peel and it is important that you ensure you are buying from a brand. This will ensure quality after all. Metal ceiling tiles might be good for the basement because they will add to the structure of the ceiling and improve the home’s value in an overall way. Look up further basement ceiling tiles options to see what will suit you best with regard to budget, material and looks before you finalize your decision on your basement ceiling options.


8 Photos of the Basement Ceiling Options To Help Create a Unique Look

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