Basement Design Plans That Will Impress You

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Basement design plans can immediately transform the way a basement looks and can improve the look of your house overall. This is because with these design ideas one can think about transforming the basement into a new room altogether. The basement is a largely underutilized space and used mainly for storage purposes in all houses. Old boxes full of material that is not ever used, old toys, books, old clothes and items that hold sentimental value but are of no use are usually relegated to the basement and left there unceremoniously to gather dust. The basement of most houses are not ventilated well neither are there any bright lights installed in it because it is not considered to be a room that is in use as such. Therefore people do not realize that a basement also has the potential to be another room in the house. The room can be any room really; one can artfully transform the basement into a child’s room, a play room, a family room or a room for specific needs like a home theater or for band practice. Many people have a swimming pool installed in their basement or it could even double up as an extra bathroom, a sauna and spa room, study or a guest room.  If you have any such idea in mind and what to reinvent your basement then basement design plans need to be thought of carefully.

Basement design plans to suit your home

If you have a small basement you can consider transforming it into a guest room or a child’s bedroom. There are available basement design plans for you to choose from. If you are thinking of it as an extra bedroom then it has to be very cozily done up so that the fact that the basement is detached from the house and further away from the other rooms is not a deterrent to the person sleeping in it. All horror and crime movies tend to show the basement to be the scene of the action and this may play in the minds of the people sleeping in a room that was previously a basement! Therefore do it up with warm colors, both on the walls and on the upholstery. Place many lights in strategic places so that it lights up all the dark corners and make sure that the bed is also upholstered in soft and comfortable bedding and upholstery.  A feature wall would really make the basement look lovely and if it is a bedroom you are turning it into, be sure to accessorize it with plenty of elements that speak of your own personality.  For this the basement remodel plans of the house should be drawn out carefully so that the various structural elements of the basement, the wiring, the pipes etc. are all taken into consideration and kept in mind when the basement is being redone and remodeled.

House Basement Design

Tips to consider when looking at basement design plans

There are certain things to keep in mind when you are looking up basement design plans and you have to ensure that the existing plan of the basement does not interfere with your remodeling. Especially if you are turning the basement into another room, you will have to consider that the basement will need to be refurbished and remodeled to a very large extent to make it livable and habitable. Therefore you will have to make more windows, install better lights and flooring and most importantly, probably isn’t all a suspended or a drop ceiling. If you want to do up your basement yourself then you can have a look at free basement plans to get an idea of just how to go about the transformation of a humble basement into a different room. With the right basement design plans you can create a unique space in your home.

8 Photos of the Basement Design Plans That Will Impress You

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