Basement Family Room Ideas: Choose the Right Wall Colors

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Look up basement family room ideas when you want to best utilize the space in your house because a basement is a largely underutilized room. It is used to store various items of the house that are no longer needed and cannot be thrown out because they have sentimental value. Old books, old clothes, bric-a-brac and items of furniture that can never be thrown out are all stacked in the basement in old boxes. Instead of leaving the basement like that – disorganized and dusty, you can always turn it into another room for the house. For example, a basement can be easily turned into a nanny’s room, a child’s bedroom, an extra guest room, a home theater or a room for the entire family to enjoy – a family room. A family room in the basement might be a very good idea as a dedicated room for the entire clan to chill out in and enjoy each other’s company. Assess the space that is available in the basement and see what are the features you can add to it – for example, whether it can accommodate a pool table or home gym etc. Common features of home rooms and family rooms are bright and colorful rugs, plenty of soft floor cushions, comfortable sofas and a television to watch. Bars etc. are also not an uncommon feature in the family room and they can be installed depending on the space available. Basement family room ideas should be considered after weighing pros and cons.

Tips when looking up basement family room ideas

Basement family room ideas will depend on the size of the basement and what you want to put in it. If you want to install a bar inside the basement you will have to figure out how much space the bar will take up, whether it will accommodate bar stools, whether it will have a glass façade and whether it will need a fridge. One can also consider a pool table as that is quite entertaining and a family room is the best place to have one. Again dimensions and size of the basement will need to be factored in. other elements involve bean bags or lazy boy recliner chairs. These are luxury elements to add to the basement and are really comfortable to sit in especially if you want to turn the family room into a mini theater for the entire family. It will be a lovely place to invite friends and relatives over during the weekends and during holidays. Maybe if you have a large family then you can consider all their wants when doing up the basement in that way.  For example, install a small fitness center in one corner; there is a bar in one, a pool table or a foosball table in one etc. Maybe one section can also be a space for arts and crafts. Of course all these elements will not be able to be accommodated into a small basement family room so it would be a wise decision to choose what you really want in it.

Basement Room Decorating Ideas

Basement family room ideas for your home

Basement family room ideas need not be very elaborate. A family room in the basement can be extremely simple as well, a place for recreation in the home for the family. Inject some warmth into the basement by buying rugs and carpets in bright colors – warm yellow, orange, reds, and green and earth colors will definitely make the room look appealing and attractive. Colors for basement family rooms should always be warm and colorful instead of pristine and antiseptic.  Basement family room ideas can be as simple as buying mattresses for the seating arrangements and wall shelves for books and other knick-knacks like CDs and such like.

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