Basement Floor Covering to Protect Your Floors

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Basement floor covering is crucial if you want to make the basement into another room. Often times the basement is left as a space that is not given much attention when it comes to décor or interior decoration. However, it is not really a good idea to leave it without proper flooring, ventilation or light, as is the usual norm. A basement can be easily transformed into another room for the house. This would mean that there is enough space to make another bedroom – a guest bedroom, or even a child’s bedroom. A guest room, a nanny’s room, a bathroom, a home theater, a room for band practice – there are many uses for the space that comprises of a basement and by choosing to change the space and transform it into another room you are actually utilizing the room in a very precise and practical manner. Since a room must have a very sturdy and anti-slip floor it is essential that you consider proper basement floor covering – either in the manner and form of tiles or by choosing perfect rugs and carpets for the basement.

Easy tips for basement floor covering

If you transform the basement into a home room, basement floor covering would comprise of soft rugs, large area rugs, shag pile carpets and other such elements of home décor. Carpets and rugs are the best kind of floor covering and they not only make the room look good, they also make the room warmer should you be living in a wintry climate. If you live in a warmer climate then you can choose thin cotton rugs so that the floor remains clean.  The basement floor should be well covered at all times or else should be perfectly sanded and well-polished so that there are no cracks or chips where dust might collect. If you live in a place which is prone to dust choose a rug or carpet that is cotton and thin so that you can wash it easily. Shag pile carpets or those with a lot of fluff will be definitely very difficult to maintain because they attract and retain dust and grime. If you want to add a rustic look to it you could consider sackcloth for the floor as well – that is what was used in hard times when people could not afford carpets etc. There are many other cheap basement floor coverings to consider when you want to transform your basement into another room.

Basement Floor Covering Ideas

Basement floor covering ideas

Apart from rugs and carpet coverings, basement floor covering is also about tiles and wood coverings for the floor. Sometimes you can choose anti slip tiles for the basement floor as well especially if you have decided to convert the basement into a spa for yourself or an extra bathroom with a bathtub and a large rain shower. Some people also have the option of installing a home swimming pool in the basement and you would need special tiles.  Or else you can easily choose colored mosaic for the basement floor as well, given that it will look very good especially if you choose colored tiles as well as mirror accent and metal ones. Marble tiles are also great for basement flooring. Protect your floors with tiles that are made of fungus and chip resistant material and you will also need ones that have enough traction in case you have elderly people at home. In fact floor covering for wet basements are very different and are created in a special manner for this very purpose.  Look up options for basement floor covering online for the best prices and designs or also look at physical stores for viable options.


9 Photos of the Basement Floor Covering to Protect Your Floors

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