Basement Layout Ideas for Small Spaces

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Basement layout ideas are an important part of the house plans because they are not only relevant to the basic foundation of the house but also relevant for any future renovation plans. Once the basement has been built, it is the foundation of the house. It is where the pipes of the house are, which supply water to the rest of the house. It is also where usually the electric mains are located, which supply power to the rest of the house. Barring these two extremely useful uses of the basement, it has to be said that there is no need to use it as a mere storage space in the house – which is how it is usually used. Boxes of old books, clothes, useless items of the house which cannot be thrown away because they have sentimental value – there are usually many cartons to be found in the basement which lie there gathering dust and taking up useless amounts of space. However, the basement can most definitely be cleaned up and used for other purposes and this means that the house can get an extra room. Changing the basement layout to accommodate another room will be a very good idea if you know how to implement them. Look up basement layout ideas for inspiration and watch how the overall value o your home increases exponentially.

Basement layout ideas for kids

When there are kids involved in the planning, one can implement a number of creative basement layout ideas to suit them. Often, children need a lot of extra space to play in and while you certainly do not want them to be mucking around in your expensive carpet or breaking your valuable china vases, you would also not want them to sit quietly in one corner of the room and watch television then entire time. Childhood is meant for playing and while playing outdoors is becoming increasingly hazardous with so many unsavory characters on the prowl – it would be a good idea indeed to have an extra play room in the basement for them. The basement space is usually very large and can be transformed into a child’s play room, a home theater room, a room for band practice for older kids, a family room and so on and so forth. There are many other ideas for the basement which can be implemented but where specially kids are concerned, it would be a good idea to have a game room fashioned out of the basement with all the necessary accoutrements of play – a pool table, a fooseball table, a drawing board and an easel, a play station, numerous board games and so on and so forth. However, before you do anything to the basement you have to ensure that the basement layout plans allow the modification of the basement without any hassle.

Basement Designs

What to look for in basement layout ideas

Basement layout ideas should be done in such a way so that it is flexible and there is enough room for the basement to be transformed into another room. You will have to check for certain factors before the basement can be made into another room. For example, being in the foundation of the house, the basement should have a stable water tight foundation and if the water table is too high then there might be the problem of water seepage, damp and cold. This will need to be taken care of with heaters and coolers. You will have to see that the layout allows for the installation of more windows and more ventilation so that there is no problem with air supply or light. Basement design ideas will also have to incorporate the furniture to measure space correctly. When looking at basement layout ideas, keep in mind your furniture size.


7 Photos of the Basement Layout Ideas for Small Spaces

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