Basement Shelving Ideas to Maximize Space

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Basement shelving ideas are important if you want your basement to be a neat and well organized space. A basement is a very important part of the house and unfortunately it is not really given the attention it deserves. Often, the useless items that can never be used are dumped into the basement in large boxes, crates or cartons and forgotten, so the boxes gather layers of dust and make the basement a very dusty and grimy place to be in. A basement usually has no proper ventilation and neither does it have good lighting – which is why it needs to be renovated and refurbished. Aside from being an indispensible part of the house – where else would you store all you items of sentimental value otherwise – the basement can also be transformed into a separate room for the house. The basement can be turned into a play room for the kids, a spare guest room, a room for the nanny, a bathroom or a sauna or even a home theater or a game room for the whole family. Even if you do not want to change your basement into another room or if you keep the basement as it is – a space for storage purposes, then you should consider basement shelving ideas so that you can at least keep your basement well organized and very well maintained. Just because a basement is a space for storage does not meant that it should not be kept well organized.

Different basement shelving ideas

The size of your basement will factor in your basement shelving ideas. If you have a small basement then it will be very difficult to optimize the basement space if you choose bulky and large shelves. Small basements should be well organized with extremely well spaced shelves. The best thing to do would be to customize your shelves and make them according to the size of your basement. Choose to place shelves strategically – for example, the space right under your washbasin is a fabulous space to have shelves and no one ever thinks about it. You can do this yourself – you do not even have to spend too much. Get broad strips of sturdy and varnished plywood and make your own storage racks using metal holders. Shelves behind the door, shelves right under your staircase, in the space beneath it, is a great way to ensure that the basement is not crowded and clunky. In fact, there are plenty of DIY basement storage ideas to implement and you only have to go online for some greatly inspiring photos

basement storage shelving ideas

DIY basement shelving ideas

There are amazing DIY basement shelving ideas for all home owners if they are the kind who are handy with their tools and make good use of their basic knowledge of carpentry. They are cheap idea that can be implemented as well. For example, one can easily use packing boxes as shelves. If you want to make your basement look interesting then all you will need to do is to stick packing boxes on the walls using high quality and strong adhesive or nails. Then you can store old books, tools, etc. Speaking of tools, if you have a large space – or even small space – on your basement wall then make multiple nail strips where you can hang your tools from. Clever storage ideas for basement only requires a fair amount of creativity and this would be extremely easy especially if you checked out photos and tutorials online for basement shelving ideas which give a detailed instruction on how to make your basement more storage friendly and beautiful in the same process.



7 Photos of the Basement Shelving Ideas to Maximize Space

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