Basement Shower Ideas for Homeowners On a Budget

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If you have ever thought of transforming your basement into a spare bathroom, basement shower ideas are very important to look up and consider because this is your chance to build a high quality style shower and even a sauna space. With a basement shower you have the chance of transforming your basement into a space that is solely for beautifying purposes. However setting one up in a basement is not a very easy thing to do, given that there is plumbing, wiring, repair and a lot of other things to consider before a shower or a bathroom can be set up in a basement. A basement is primarily used for storage and this ensures that it loses out where décor and utility is concerned. A basement is a vast space if you think about it, and it could well be made into another room so that the overall value of the house develops and improves. It can be transformed into a play room for children, a spare bedroom for guests, a nanny’s room should there be a requirement and even a bathroom with a personal sauna and a rain shower – depending on how fancy you want to get and what your budget is. Basement shower ideas are plentiful online where websites will give you detailed tutorials and numerous photographs to be inspired from.

Creative basement shower ideas

When you want to get creative with your basement shower ideas then you can think about incorporating a theme into your basement bathroom. For example, you can easily make your bathroom resemble a tropical rainforest – you can get a giant rain shower head, and you can pattern your shower curtain accordingly. You can even choose tiles for your basement bathroom in the theme that you have thought – palm trees, sand and shells for a tropical bathroom, a football themed one for a fan, a classic vintage theme with a metal tub etc. – the ideas are endless. You can also think about getting a steam and sauna room if you have enough space, a Jacuzzi along with your shower and so on and so forth, all depending on the kind of space you have. If you have a small basement then you can go a little simple where design ideas are concerned because anything elaborate will crowd the already small space. In that case go for light colors for the walls and tiles choose pedestal sinks to minimize crowding and maximize space, and glass shower cubicle walls so that there is an effect of space, again. If you have a small basement it is best to set up a simple basement shower.

Basement Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Things to consider in basement shower ideas

Basement shower ideas and their implementation is most definitely an important step in renovating and refurbishing your home. However before that is done, there are a number of things to consider – since it is the basement that you are considering as a separate bathroom. Since the basement is always at the foundation of the house, it is obvious that the water table will need to be considered. If the water table in the basement foundation is too high then there is a chance that your basement will need repair as it would have been subjected to dampness and water leaks. You will also have to take into account the electric wiring of the basement- it is usually where the pipes, plumbing and main electric wiring is located. All safety features need to be in place and the basement has to be well ventilated and lit. Therefore, in addition to the cost of installing a bathroom shower ideas in a basement you must factor in the cost of repair as well.

9 Photos of the Basement Shower Ideas for Homeowners On a Budget

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