Basement Theater Ideas for Small Basement Spaces

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If you want to transform your basement in a major way think about basement theater ideas. Think about it – the basement is a vast space and it is often not utilized to its fullest potential. People keep the unwanted garbage that they cannot throw away because it has sentimental value in the basement, in boxes and cartons and other little trunks so that these gather dust and dirt and make the basement look like a dark and dingy place. However, if you have some ideas of what to do with the basement and you implement them accordingly, it would be easy to see how the basement would transform the entire look of your house. For example, the basement can be easily turned into another very relevant room. If you have children and you want to give them an extra room to play in, then you can make the basement into a play room for your kids. If you have older children and you are thinking of what to do with your basement, you always have the option of making the basement into a family room where you can spend quality time with everyone. Other option where the basement is concerned is transforming it into a spare guest room for when there are extra people in the house. You can also think of turning it into a home theater for yourself in which case basement theater ideas can be put to good use.

Creative basement theater ideas

You must pick basement theater ideas depending on just how big or small your basement is. If it is one that is a very small one then you must not choose furniture and fixtures which are very bulky. The best part about a home theater in the basement is that you get to customize it according to your liking because it is a personal choice. If your basement is small there is no problem, you can set up a theater even then – you just need to be creative about it. Choose mattress chairs – bean bags, small stools which have storage space built into them and such furniture. There is no need to get large reclining chairs just so you can mimic the ones available in actual theaters and movie halls. You can be just as comfy on a large and plush bean bag and this will mean that your space is well optimized. Then once you are done settling on the furniture you think of the other accessories you want to add to the home theater room which might include a lot of things or a few, depending on what your budget is. Movie theater basement ideas are fast catching on as a fad to implement in most houses.

Basement Home Theaters

Things to remember in basement theater ideas

When you are considering basement theater ideas, apart from the usual furniture you have to keep a few things in mind if you want the ambience to be truly authentic. For example you have to be open to spending on getting Styrofoam tiles for your walls and also for the ceiling. Perhaps you can get an entire suspended ceiling made for the basement if that is a better idea than attaching tiles to the existing one. These will help improve the sound quality in the room and will definitely stop any outside sound from coming into the room. Then you have to think about where you will have your television – whether you will have it on the top of the wall and whether it will be wall mounted or not. Then you have to think about space to keep your speakers strategically and so on. Look up small basement home theater ideas for more inspiration.

9 Photos of the Basement Theater Ideas for Small Basement Spaces

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