Bathroom Vanity Tray Decorating Ideas

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Luxury Bathroom Vanity Tray

Adding a vanity tray in your bathroom can be achieved using some simple steps to also enhance the look while providing a storage space. Your bathroom vanity tray can be simply decorated by adding seashells to create a beach style in your bathroom. seashells are very useful not only to decorate your vanity tray, but also to hold some pieces light candle, jewelry and other pretty items.

Small Glass Bathroom Vanity Tray

The sea shell for decorating your bathroom vanity tray can be made yourself using several different items to create a different kind of seashell. You can make a seashell votive candle simply using seashell with a wide opening, candle wax and a tea light candle. You can simply cut the wax into one inch chunks and melt it in a double boiler. Pour the melted wax to the shell and allow it to cool. Before the wax cool, you can remove the tea light candle from metal cup and insert it to the melted wax. After that, you can allow the wax to cool completely. Another idea for making unusual sea shell is brush caddy seashell.

This can be used to hold your combs and brushes simply by embellishing a small flower pot with real seashells. You can firstly apply adhesive using a knife in a thick layer to the pot and press small seashells to the adhesive and allow it to dry overnight before storing your brushes. For holding your jewelry, you can find corals that can stand by itself with a lot of finger protrusions. Protect your vanity by gluing felt to the bottom line of the coral and put your jewelry in.

Decorating your vanity tray can be as simple as that. So, you can easily make your bathroom vanity tray more interesting and attractive with the beautiful seashells as the storage item.


19 Photos of the Bathroom Vanity Tray Decorating Ideas

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