Bedroom designs for married couples

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Bedroom designs for married couples involve those ideas that make the bedroom a special and romantic haven for the married couple. Designs will differ according to the period of time they have been married – newly married couples will obviously make a big show of their new found conjugal existence whereas older married couples will prefer a more sober approach to their married life and testimony of love towards each other.

Bedroom designs for married couples who are newly married could be rather over the top but that is usually alright given that the couple is young and in love. Therefore, pinks and reds will feature in the color schemes, bright colors and interesting designs featuring romantic motifs will be the catch phrase and other ideas will involve how best the proclamation of their love can be made.

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Older married couples can choose to have a beautiful declaration of their love in a more subtle way, using appropriate wall decals and wall quotes, framed pictures placed strategically in a corner of the room, making it the focal point of the room or using the wall above the headboard of the bed to make a statement.

Whatever be the case always ensure that bedroom designs for married couples make the room a special place. Invest in a romantic bed with a quilted headboard, a four poster with lace curtains, a vinatge armoire or  a dresser on which you can place a photo frame, or you can easily make the room instantly special by installing muted romantic lighting. A few candles is not a bad idea either. Keep in mind the tastes of the couple in question of course, when decorating their room – it would not do to have a garishly decorated cute and romantic room for a couple in their 50s, would it?

10 Photos of the Bedroom designs for married couples

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