Best Way to Organize Closet

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Best Way to Organize Closet Efficiently

Having problem in organizing your closet?. The best closet is the closet that organized well. It will looks neat and your stuff will be neatly kept. Organizing you closet is just the beginning of organizing room and organizing life. You have to filter all of your belongings including clothes to determine the real needs of you. It will find the best way to organize closet . Here are some steps that is going to be the best way to organize closet .

Best Way to Spring Clean and Organize Closet

First, take out all of your clothes from the closet. Take off them from the hangers and from every other side in the closet. When I say take it all out, it means all of it including shoes and other stuff. Make sure the closet completely empty. Fold them and put in on the floor or bed. Then, choose which clothes you will keep. It means choose your regular and favorite clothes. Just choose it as you need it. Next, store some clothes, pick a clothes that you won’t be wearing at this month according to the season. If it is winter you can pick your summer clothes to be stored. If it is summer you can store you winter clothes. You can also store some clothes that does not fit you anymore. Just take what you need because the value of clothes are to be worn. Beside storing them, you can also donate some of your clothes to charity. Next, clean your inside closet and make it better. Wipe or vacuum it from the dirt, dusk, and cobwebs.

Finally, put your clothes back in the closet and have it organized. Try to hang them up as many as you can. It will make you find your clothes easy. If the place of hanging up is full, you can put the clothes in the other parts of the closet and have it folded. Then, organize the shoes. They may take a lot of space, it is important to make the most of space by storing them in the most organized and efficient manner. Those all may be the best way to organize closet for you.

18 Photos of the Best Way to Organize Closet

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