Build and Decor Ideas for Fireplaces

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Modern Decor Ideas for Fireplaces


Christmas Decor Ideas for Fireplaces

Art on the wall is a very simple thing in your room that will give positive effect to your overall home appearance. Instead of just applying a simple wall art, you may choose to build a fireplace as the centerpiece of your home decors. In this area, you can put things like pictures or other ornaments to boost the look of your room. Here we will share how to build and decor ideas for fireplaces.

Before we go to decor ideas for fireplaces, the first thing to do is build a fireplace, you should determine and make detail measurements on the area you have planned. Be very cautious in determining the area. Make sure that it will be the centerpiece of the room once the fireplace is done. Then, prepare a wood and draw a box-shape on it with pencil and ruler based on your prior measurements. The thickness of the wood should be at least 1,5 inches. Place the wood on the table saw and begin to cut it. When you are done with that, get the wood surface smoothed by giving it sand paper before finally you brush it with stain to protect it from a hard crash. Now you can paint it in any color you want.

For the bottom side. Nail the bottom of the fireplace to one of the supports which is on triangle shape. Attach it tightly and make sure that it will not easily fall. Then you can lift up the fireplace and make hang it on the place you have planned. Make it straight and stable before you go with the nails. Next, mark the wall under the fireplace as the place to install the fireplace supports. Once you have finished, attach all the fireplace supports on the triangle with at least two nails or screws. Clean your new fireplace and you can start with your decor ideas for fireplaces.


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