Ceiling design ideas for your house

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The ceiling is often left out where home decor is concerned and rectifying this with ceiling design ideas is a very good way to instantly improve the way the room looks. Decorating the ceiling would mean that the entire room gets a beautiful look and it makes the rooms stand out as well. The best part about ceiling design ideas is that they can be designed by the people living in the house and can be achieved with minimal fuss and minimal expenditure as well.

Ceiling design ideas can be about merely spraying the ceiling with paint to make it look interesting. A white ceiling can be instantly improved by spraying red or blue paint onto it. Once that has been done the room will look a lot better. You can also make your ceiling a feature wall. Choose different shades of a color you really prefer and put draw great bands on the ceiling. Fill each band with a chosen shade, graduating from light to dark or the other way around. This will make the ceiling look very interesting when you look up or when you are lying in bed.

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Ceiling design ideas also involve making stencilled shapes on the ceiling. For example you can have pretty butterflies around a hanging lamp on the ceiling in the bedroom. flowers, birds,stars etc are also favorites, especially when it comes to children’s rooms. Painting the ceiling in a dark shade is also a popular practice of ceiling design ideas and therefore they will be very interesting an element to incorporate into your home decor. The best part about this is that contrary to popular belief, this will not make your room look smaller, in fact it will give it a sense of space. This is called the night-sky concept – look above your heads at night, does the dark sky make your surroundings any smaller or do they have a sense of stretching up into infinity?

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