Ceiling Paint Ideas Designs for Decorative Ceilings

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Well researched ceiling paint ideas designs are a boon to the way a ceiling looks. Home decor trends and concepts have undergone a sea of change where experimenting with new styles are concerned and one such very popular trend of home decor is to paint the ceilings along with the four walls of the room. a room looks beautiful with the four walls painted in appealing shades, it is true. However, if you paint the ceiling a certain shade or add a few design elements there then it really helps the room light up in a way that is very different and creative. Look at the ceiling as a canvas for your use and go wild with the painting of it. Let your imagination run totally wild and if you do not want to spend a lot on decor then a DIY project where you add your own design elements to the ceiling will be highly appreciated by your family and it will be great fun for you too. One can easily find inspiration for ceiling paint design ideas if one goes online. Since there are a fair number of websites which are dedicated to new age concepts of home decor, there are many innovative and very creative ideas that you could browse through before eventually settling on one.

What are the different ceiling paint ideas designs available?

The different ceiling paint ideas designs available are numerous. Depending on what kind of home decor you want to go for – sober or loud, bright and colorful or understated, it would be a good idea to do a thorough research of all the various kinds of designs and patterns as well as the cost of such decoration before setting about to drop your bathroomand make it look glamourous. There are unique ceiling paint ideas aplenty and you can even come up with some of your own, so that your bathroom stands out and is well appreciated by family and friends alike! You do not have to go into much trouble, unique ideas or designs can be acheived by simply taking paint in a syringe – like the ones doctors use for injections, a step ladder and a creative mind. Get onto the step ladder and aim your syringe at the ceiling – the resultant sprays of paint, if done in an artful manner can be  great as ceiling design.

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How ceiling paint ideas designs can improve a bathroom

Once you have an idea of how to go about it, ceiling paint ideas designs will live up to their reputation of making the room stand out in relief. There will be a distinct improvement in the way your bathroom looks and you will have what looks like a high end bathroom without having to spend a bomb.  There are many ideas available. For example, decorative ceiling painting ideas include choosing from simple designs to elaborate ones. You can choose stenciled designs for the ceiling along the lines of wall decals. Another popular method of decorating a ceiling is to use tiles – hand painted ones, or plain and simple ones. Mirrored tiles, metal accent tiles and other fancy tiles are also used to make a ceiling stand out in relief. Make the ceiling a feature wall by choosing a color and different shades  of it and paint broad stripes on the ceiling in these different shades in either an ascending or descending order. The opportunities are endless when it comes to ceiling paint ideas designs.

13 Photos of the Ceiling Paint Ideas Designs for Decorative Ceilings

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