Child Bedroom Designs Safe for Kids

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Designing a child bedroom can be daunting as well as great fun. In the chaos of it all, do not for one moment assume that because the room belongs to a human being no higher than your knee, you will be able to get away with throwing a few cartoon character themed stuffed pillows or toys around the room and be done. When it comes to designing and decorating bedrooms for kids, their needs, which are many, must be taken into account and it is easy to decorate these bedrooms because of the relatively unopinionated inhabitants of the room, the demands can be increasingly difficult to accommodate if you happen to have an opinionated toddler taking you to task. Therefore, it is best to play it safe by just doing a little research before doing up a little child’s bedroom and pay a little attention to detail. After all, the kid is going to grow up bit by bit, year by year, and unless you want the interior decor to be constantly changed, it is best to have a well decorated and upholstered, safe and secure bedroom which can be decorated and upgraded as the need arises.

A child bedroom must be absolutely safe

Safety is very important where design for a child bedroom is concerned. Before decor is even considered, it is very important that the interior decorators and the parents ensure that they are on the same page with regard to safety needs of the child in question, which will depend on his or her age. Safety is a big deal because the bedroom in question belongs to a child. Thus extreme attention to safety must be paid when doing it up. Furniture in a child’s bedroom must not be those with sharp edges. All tables, chairs, shelves, bookcases etc. – anything with sharp rectangular edges must be rounded off and made smooth. This way the child is in no danger of falling against it and injuring himself of herself – and as we all know, children are intensely prone to getting hurt in the first place. All bedroom decorating ideas should ensure that the electrical outlets in a child bedroom must be well earthed and without any live wires. They should also ideally be far up on the wall, out of the child’s reach – because children who are really young generally do not know better and tend to put their fingers into the electrical sockets, to experiment. Needless to say a child bedroom should not have any glassware that is fragile and easily breakable and you would do best to stay away from adding fragile crystal to the decor. Finally, ensure that the floors are covered with a rug, if they are marble and polished and prone to making people slip – especially little feet.

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What colors you should paint a child bedroom

Paint a the bedroom in bright and cheerful colors and experiment with color contrasts that might look out of place in the main living room or bedroom. For example, bright yellow and purple, orange and green, blue and red etc. are popular when it comes to decorating a bedroom for a kid.  Invest in wall decals with interesting motifs, go for cartoon themed wall paper – paint figures on the walls – unleash your creativity. Themed bedroom decor work very well with children with girls appreciating the princess variety while boys love the car themes. You can even get themed bedroom furniture sets. Contrast the upholstery with the walls too for a striking effect. Next, buy a bunk bed – if you have a boy especially and if you have a little girl, a princess themed bed. Have easy access bookshelves where they can keep their baby books and drawing tools and have lots of pillows around as well as a matress for them to play on. Non fuss and bright curtains can jazz up the decor of a child bedroom even further!


10 Photos of the Child Bedroom Designs Safe for Kids

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