Decorating Ideas for Childs Minimalist Bedroom Designs

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A childs minimalist bedroom is easy to decorate simply because of the minimalist concept of home decor which does not allow for the room to be crammed with too much furniture and is extremely space friendly – in the sense that it is a concept which advocates the use of all the space that is there in the room and optimizes the space  to its fullest extent. We often make the mistake of cramming the room with different kinds of furniture and accessories in a bid to decorate the room. What we do not realise is that this makes the room look smaller and crowded, which is not appealing at all. A child’s bedroom is the source of a lot of clutter because of the toys and the other knick-knacks that children are always surrounded by.  When doing up a child’s bedroom in a minimalist way, you will see how there is a lot of scope for the room to look bigger and therefore provide the child with a larger area to play in. Minimalist traditions of decor usually employ colors such as white, cream and beige, light pastels etc. so that the room in question looks large and spacious. The furniture in the room is usually low lying so that the room is now crowded by bulky items. However, since this is a child’s room we are talking about, such antiseptic and clinical decor will not suit it and it must be made vibrant and fun. Thus, a childs minimalist bedroom should merge the trends of bright decor with minimalist bedroom ideas.

Some childs minimalist bedroom ideas

If you are a fan of clean cut lines of decor then childs minimalist bedroom ideas will come naturally to you. Just because it is minimal does not mean that the room will look any less child friendly and this can be ensured by incorporating pretty decals and other accent elements into the decor. Go for white decor by all means, white is a well known space enhancing color – therefore, it is obviously the first choice when it comes to minimalist decor. However, you can make this look interesting by incorporating brightly colored upholstery for a contrast. So while white can be the dominant color in the room, you can create bright and child friendly accents by adding a feature wall in a bright shade such as blue – pink, red, violet etc. This would depend on the child as well – it is a well known stereotype that boys would not take kindly to a pink wall. Once you have added a paint accent to the white room, think about how you can do up the furniture in similar color accents – blue wall can be further complemented by blue pillows on a white comforter etc. Stuffed toys in the same accent color will also work.

Simple Minimalist Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Boys

What furniture should adorn a childs minimalist bedroom?

Since we are talking about a childs minimalist bedroom, the furniture has to be low lying, foldable and with storage space. This way, you will be able to ensure that the child has enough space to put away his toys in, and they do not have to be strewn around, neither will they need extra cupboards etc. You can just as easily install a few wall shelves for this purpose as well – close to the floor so that the child can easily reach it. The furniture should be low lying therefore the emphasis should be on bean bags, foldable cots, small chairs which are low and near the ground, not high stools, a futon bed or a mattress bedding. Anything elaborate with headboards and armrests should be done away with as that does not conform to the ideas of minimalist bedroom furniture.


9 Photos of the Decorating Ideas for Childs Minimalist Bedroom Designs

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