Using Chinese Bedroom Furniture to Create Oriental Bedroom Interiors

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Thinking of investing in Chinese bedroom furniture? It is a very good call to take when considering interesting and exotic home décor and an oriental look for the bedroom is a refreshing change from the usual. The best way to go about this would be to have a look at the numerous online pictures of Chinese furniture styles and patterns to have an idea of how to do this and it would be a good idea to read up on Chinese furniture styles as well because they have an impact on the room in a very subtle manner which might or might not go with your idea of home décor. Chinese styles of furniture making also have a profound effect on their culture which definitely shows through in the design. However, initially, there was not too much to Chinese furniture – non of the elaborate artisanry that it is associated with today, for sure. In fact, furniture was not a common feature in Chinese homes before the twelfth century and also, when they did come into existence, they were without the fine craftsmanship that we associate Chinese bedroom furniture and other room furniture with. The furniture of the Chinese is really very simple, however, it does have some intricate work and interesting creative aspects which make Chinese bedroom furniture especially, a good investment.

What are the key element of Chinese bedroom furniture?

Chinese bedroom furniture – and indeed, all kinds of Chinese furniture, incorporates certain key elements into its design, which are unique and esoteric. Even though the furniture is not elaborate, it has some elements of design that are interesting – the magic the craftsmen weave by using just a few lines and little decoration have to be seen to be believed. The furniture themselves were not too many and homes made do with low tables and armrests. The elements of traditional Chinese furniture are very unique. For example, the joints of the furniture were built with such precision, that they were not nailed together, neither was there any use of adhesive. The Chinese used only the best wood – therefore all the furniture is traditionally made of beautiful sandalwood or rose and even mahogany. This way the furniture is both durable and it is also very unique and beautiful. If the craftsman wanted to make a simple piece of furniture look a little more elaborate, all he needed to do was add a few accessories to it in the shape of locks or handles or hinges. Chinese bedroom furniture sets were given slightly more ornate fixings, however, the underlying note is that of simplicity.

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Why you should buy Chinese bedroom furniture

Chinese bedroom furniture is perhaps the most beautiful kind of design that you could possibly choose for your bedroom. Simple lines, attention to the natural grain and pattern of the wood, heartfelt work by ancient craftsmen and exquisite pieces of furniture that are durable as well s beautiful. The engravings are so very fine in Chinese furniture that they remain as beautiful and sharp even a decade later. Asian bedroom furniture is now quite popular in many homes because of the new found interest in all things oriental. However, the best part about this style of furniture  especially when you think about it for the  bedroom, is that it is truly romantic and will suit all kinds of homes. Upholster the furniture in beautiful red and similar rich colors and you will have a bedroom fit for royalty. Later, down the years, Chinese furniture became more elaborate and heavily designed of course so there are many different styles to choose from.  They became more ornate and sumptuous and till date you will be able to find really elaborate designs as well as really simple ones. Chinese inspired dresser drawers, beds, bedside tables and armoires are fabulous additions to any bedroom.

10 Photos of the Using Chinese Bedroom Furniture to Create Oriental Bedroom Interiors

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