Create Classic Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Girls

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Classic bedroom ideas for teenage girls are easy to fall back on when you are at a loss on ideas to decorate a fussy teenager’s room. Sure, you can think about the new age designs and patterns as well as the many contemporary themes that home décor is all about today, however it must be said that when it comes to home décor especially for a little teenage girl, it would be a safer bet to rely on designs that have been around for ages and are appreciated by everyone, even teenagers. Fabric for teenage girls bedroom are simple and elegant as well as timeless. These designs ensure that the furniture makes the best use of the space in the room and is lightweight despite being large and elaborate. Take for example, that classic piece of furniture that finds favor in all rooms that belong to children – the bunk bed. What child, young or old would not like a bunk bed? Not a single one would protest, even the most opinionated and stubborn teen would give in to its appeal. Teenage, as everyone knows, is a very difficult period of transition a step from babyhood to adulthood which many people find disconcerting. Hence, it makes sense to have a set of classic bedroom ideas for teenage girls, given that they transform the bedroom in a personal space to relax in.

Classic bedroom ideas for teenage girls are appealing

Classic bedroom ideas for teenage girls are very appealing simply because of their elegance and sophistication and the degree of sheer chic that they bring to the room décor. From the bedroom furniture, to the wall paper or color schemes, to the light fixtures and window treatments, a classic theme always infuses the room with a timeless elegance that is both rustic and sophisticated at the same time. This basically means that the bedroom will be a smart and functional space for the little girl to spend her time in, but it will also be a visual delight and an appealing space to be in. For example – take the bed. The bed is obviously an essential bit of furniture for the room concerned. A classic take on teenage beds would be the bunk bed and this would most definitely, appeal to the teen because let’s face it, given the chance, even adults will jump at the chance of sleeping in a bunk bed. If not a bunk bed then we can always look at the four poster bed as an option for the teenage girl. A beautiful canopy, carved posts, lace curtains forming an elegant enclosure and elegant upholstery with delicate needlework will be all that a classic bedroom décor needs when it comes to a teenage room.

Cool Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

What are the elements of classic bedroom ideas for teenage girls?

As mentioned before, classic bedroom ideas for teenage girls involve furniture which is simple in structure but elegant in design. Choose furniture that is made of good quality hardwood such as teak, cherry rosewood or mahogany and watch how the quality of wood lends a different and elegant look to the room. Dark, burnished wood coupled with plush cream upholstery is beautiful for a teenage girl. You can incorporate motifs such as crown stencils or fairy decals on the walls to give the room a girly touch. Pink themed walls and accessories, or the use of the colors red, magenta, purple etc. will also add to the overall look of the room. Teen girl bedroom decor ideas would also involve the use of pretty curtains with valances and lights in strategic corners of the room. Since we are talking about classic bedroom ideas for teenage girls here, floral prints, butterflies and other girly themes would go well for upholstery and wall paper purposes.


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