Colorful ceiling colors ideas for your home

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Ceiling colors ideas are a new and improved concept of home design. Think about it, all of us concentrate on the walls when we think about painting the rooms, however, the new and interesting trend of giving color to the ceilings have worked well in the favor of houseowners and home decorators. Ceiling colors ideas for homes involve in making the ceiling look glamorous and elegant by painting murals on it and other such interesting artwork.

Ceiling colors ideas can really improve the way a room looks by making all aspects of the room stand out. For example, suppose you have a  room which has all four walls done up in whites and creams. How would you make this room stand out? Would you want the go into the expense of buying new furniture and repainting your walls in a hep color that would instantly make it a new and improved living or bedroom? Repainting walls is the best way to instantly improve the way a room looks, yes, however, if you want to cut the cost of your interior decor,then all you need to do is paint the ceiling or implement ceiling colors ideas.

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Ceiling colors ideas can include wall decals as well. Interesting wall decals look lovely on a ceiling and this will make the room look bigger as well. Choose a lotus or a butterfly pattern for an elegant touch. Paint your ceiling in stripes. Paint it in dots, spray paint on it – do whatever catches your fancy. Textured paint for the ceiling is also a good ceiling colors ideas for your home. Other treatments of the ceiling involve affixing framed pictures to it to give your room a tilted effect or to have small mirrored accents inthe form of tiles all across it in a pattern. You could also consider glowing paint to make shapes etc, on the ceilings of bedrooms for a unique look.

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