How Colors for Dining Room Walls Affect the Mood of the Room

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Colors for dining room walls are usually dictated by the size of the room and the overall décor of the house. Conventional concepts of home décor dictated that the dining room should always be done up in neutral colors which was easy to accessorize and also had a soothing effect on the diner’s appetites.  Certain shades were considered to be incompatible with the dining room – reds, blues, greens especially were considered unappealing because being dark and bold colors they would overwhelm the interiors and make the room look dark and unappealing. These colors reportedly had a profoundly negative impact on the diner’s appetites and were never used in the dining room. However, now, with experimenting being the key element of home décor, there has been a sea change in the kind of colors that are being used for the dining room. The colors which were previously shunned are not being used in beautiful splashes to complement the neutral shades which still have predominance over the color scheme. Bold colors like red, blue, green, orange and purple are now being used as colors for dining room walls with interesting effect.

Colors for dining room walls are important

Choosing the right colors for dining room walls is important because they can radically affect the whole vibe and mood of the room.  This holds true for all rooms really, if you do not use appropriate colors for the rooms then the whole décor of the room slumps, no matter how beautifully you decorate it with furniture and other accessories. Choose colors carefully when it comes to the dining room – go online for inspiration – there are a lot of websites dedicated to the decoration of dining rooms that will show you ideas for dining room colors and how to use the different colors in an appropriate and appealing manner that will instantly make the room look beautiful and vibrant. In a dining room, if you are unsure of how to use bright colors you can always introduce them as accents – for example, you can have a bright purple accent wall in a dining room which is otherwise done up in creams and whites. The furniture and the décor can be neutral and the bright wall will serve as a necessary pop of color that will immediately make the room bright and beautifully elegant. Dining room wall color pictures in catalogs and online sites will help you choose designs and patterns and will teach you how best to incorporate colors into your dining room without making it seem very garish or loud.

colors for dining room walls

Popular colors for dining room walls

With experimentation being the catch phrase, colors for dining room walls include the use of bright yellow, bright green, different shades of magenta, violet, red, orange – all colors of the rainbow basically. Different shades can be used in different grades to create beautiful color effects. For example you can choose different shades of purple for the entire dining room and upholster the furniture in a rich and luscious cream color to offset the color. This will look extremely elegant especially if you have a large dining room. If your dining room is smaller, then you should ideally introduce these bold colors in small spurts and bursts so that they do not overwhelm the room and shrink its size. Paint color for dining rooms should involve textured paint, paint stencils and designs and wall decals as well to make the whole décor of the room beautiful and classy. Do not go overboard though – contrast the color of the wall with the upholstery for the best effect when it comes to the dining room. Bright walls and bright upholstery might be a bit much when it comes to visual appeal so choose the right colors for dining room walls.

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