Decorating Tips for Cool Bedrooms

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There are so many ways that you can think of and design cool bedrooms for yourself or for your children.  A bedroom is a very personal space and it should be done up in a way that is expressive of the vibrant youth of the family. Adults like parents would not want cool bedrooms as such but the kids and slightly older people would definitely want to.  The cool factor is easy to achieve, it would only involve investing in certain accessories and other accents which will help the bedroom liven up. Boys and girls will have different requirements when it comes to cool bedrooms and this needs to be made clear before you start decorating, else it will not make much sense. Teens would love the thought of cool bedrooms because they are always looking to better their standards and keep up with their peers anyway! Themes should also be well thought out and the accessories carefully evaluated before they are put up because eventually the cool factor will lose its charm and then you do not want to have to go into the added expense and the hassle of overhauling the entire decor do you?  Think of different and interesting themes and look out for interesting accessories to decorate the bedroom with. Cool bedrooms only need to have vibrant ideas which are creatively implemented.

Different themes for cool bedrooms

Depending on your gender, you will have a different idea of what cool bedrooms entail. For boys, they will find cars, sports, music, airplanes, war and other such themes appealing. Look for specific ways to do up a bedroom when you decide on a theme. For example, a baseball fan might want a baseball themed bedroom. In which case you can go for baseball themed curtains, an actual souvenir baseball signed by a famous player themed upholstery, wall paper, the works. The same goes for super hero themes such as Batman etc. and the only thing that you need to understand or keep in mind is that with themed bedrooms you can easily go overboard and therefore make the whole room look very awkward in your bid to make it into cool rooms. A great idea for cool bedrooms would be to have a large fish tank. One entire wall can be covered with the illuminated fish tank and this would serve as a mind blowing cool night light in the coolest of all bedrooms. Throw in some exotic fish and you are done!

Cool Room Accessories

How to decorate cool bedrooms

Cool bedrooms are easy to decorate if you only make the effort to look for the proper accessories and furniture for it. Decide on what exactly you need to do. First decide on the theme. The theme is very important because it will dictate the color palette, the furniture, the upholstery, accessories and overall general feel of the room. Think different themes like cartoon, princess, basketball, beach, mars, space, jungle book etc. and buy accessories accordingly. Needless to say you can go online and buy them at fantastic cheap prices. Some sites even offer entire cool teen room makeovers for a discounted price and you can avail of these offers if you keep your eyes peeled while trawling the sites. You can also get them at regular stores if you know where to look. You can also add personal touches to the room and personalize it to make it cool. Hang an interesting light fixture, choose a pretty bedspread; opt for a cool mat in a strange color or material. Choose to decorate the ceiling or place mirrors in strategic and uncommon parts of the room to help create cool bedroom designs.

9 Photos of the Decorating Tips for Cool Bedrooms

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