Curtains designs 2013 are beautiful and vibrant

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Curtains are no longer boring or usual. Curtains designs 2013 ensure that they are a significant part of home decor and without them the home just looks unnecessarily boring and incomplete, somehow. Curtains designs 2013 are all about different styles – pleated, swags, valances and what not – to different colors such as bright green and neon pink in color blocked patterns and designs.

Curtains designs 2013 should be largely about being eco friendly as well as being stylish. So choose curtains that are made out of raw materials such as bamboo, grass and jute for a beautiful yet environmentally conscious addition to your home. These curtains are available in most places, or you could also check online stores which would not only provide you with a wide variety of such curtains but also give you good deals and discounts when you buy from them. These curtains also come in dyed and printed variety and look exquisite when gracing your home. The dyes used are also naturally made, which adds to the eco friendly vibe.

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Remember to match curtains designs 2013 according to the upholstery in the room because mismatched colors will look very strange and make the room decor awkward. Contrast subtle shaded upholstery with brightly colored curtains to make your rooms look bright and the color to pop. Vice versa works as well – if you have dark shaded upholstery, have light colored curtains. In 2013 patterned shades are also very popular, bringing back the rustic look of the country side – therefore expect a lot of floral prints such as roses etc. to be everywhere you look for inspiration.

When pondering curtains designs 2013 make sure that you buy the right kind of material for each room. bedrooms can have flouncy lace which is complemented by heavier drapes. Choose ornate silks and more elaborate designs for the living room. choose cotton which is sturdy for the kitchen and so on.


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