Designing a 300 Square Foot House

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Minimalist Beautiful Ceiling Designs

Have you ever considered living in 300 square foot house and feel comfortable about it? Yes, I am not talking about the imagination, it really is happening these days. Mary Lee’s Austin is the one we are talking about at this moment, the woman who lives in her only 300 square feet. Living in 300 square foot house does not mean that you cannot get something out of such a thing, especially when you know how to make it right, just like what Mary does, making her small studio so spacious, so open, and yes, so comfortable as well. Through this post, we are going to take a bit peek in the whole appearance and arrangement of Mary Lee’s 300 square feet studio. We are talking about something impossible turns possible and real. You might wonder how she does it anyway, just like all the room you really need.

Ethnic 300 Square Foot House

Many things you could get from this studio and as a starter, you might see how Mary Lee loves a challenge. What we are talking about here is the ability to turn small and cramped studio into something amazing, something that you never thought of it before. Yes, she jumped at the chance to completely renovate it and turn the little house all her own. Second, you might have to learn the way she changes everything and in order to make all those happen, you really need to be a bit inventive, especially when you are living in such a small space. The idea of using the space in this house is really stunning, guys!

So, stay tuned with me here for our next tour in this very small studio of Mary Lee. You do not want to miss the opportunity of learning something amazing out of the ordinary just like what Mary Lee does.

18 Photos of the Designing a 300 Square Foot House

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