Different Sensation with Ron Arad Rocking Chair

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Sexy Pink Ron Arad Rocking Chair

Sitting on a rocking chair may allow you to go to your own world while getting your body move back and forth to just make it more relaxed. The traditional design of rocking chair is made of wood with several different finishes you can try to match with your room décor. However, a different design offered by Ron Arad with its interesting design of rocking chair. Ron Arad rocking chair is extremely different with any rocking chair you have ever owned or you have ever seen. The beautiful design of the rocking chair even can also be useful as a sculpture in your home. So, how great this rocking chair is?

Strong Ron Arad Rocking Chair

Ron Arad rocking chair is made of polyurethane which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This rocking chair is different with the one your grandma owns because it has a creative look with no handles featured allowing you to rock your body. You can find the right angle for your body simply by pressing your body against the back rocking chair. The curve design of the rocking chair has been specially made to fit with your back so that you can comfortably relax your body. The back is soft giving you a more comfortable sitting than the traditional rocking chair. You don’t need t add any cushion since the chair has give its own soft automatically. This chair also comes in several different finishes including glossy finish. However, for outdoor use, the glossy and painted versions are not available for outdoor use since they are not suitable.

So, now you can feel the different sensation rocking your body with the Ron Arad rocking chair. When it is used, it will give you an extremely comfortable seating space, but when it is not used, it will provide a beautiful look of sculpture.

18 Photos of the Different Sensation with Ron Arad Rocking Chair

Unique Ron Arad Rocking ChairTraditional Ron Arad Rocking ChairStrong Ron Arad Rocking ChairSimple Ron Arad Rocking ChairSilver Ron Arad Rocking ChairShiny Black Ron Arad Rocking ChairSexy Pink Ron Arad Rocking ChairRon Arad Rocking Chair Patinated AluminumOrange White Ron Arad Rocking ChairIron Ron Arad Rocking ChairHot Red Ron Arad Rocking ChairFull White Ron Arad Rocking ChairFull Orange Ron Arad Rocking ChairDark Gold Ron Arad Rocking ChairCreative Ron Arad Rocking ChairCool Ron Arad Rocking ChairComfortable Ron Arad Rocking ChairBest Ron Arad Rocking Chair

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