Feature wall ideas living room can liven up your home

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Feature wall ideas living room are an instant way to make your room look bright and festive. It does not matter if the home is small or big, if you make the effort of installing a feature wall in one of the rooms – or all rooms, if you so wish – you will be able to make the rooms look inviting and appealing. A living room is a very important room because that is where the family entertains the guests and therefore it is important that the living room give off a fun and youthful vibe that reflects the harmony enjoyed by the family.

Feature wall ideas living room make the rooms look large as well – if you have a small room.  A small room does not necessarily have to suffer where decor is concerned. If you have a small room, paint the three walls in light and subtle shades like cream and light yellow and paint one wall a bright and vibrant color. For example, a small room can be instantly livened up with red or orange but all four walls in this shade will be a very difficult choice for a small room. However, if you choose one wall and paint that in a bright and vibrant red then you can make that the focal point of the room. Similarly you can choose different colors and make patterns and designs on the wall – stripes being a very important and popular motif for feature wall ideas living room.  Wall accents, quotes, wall decals and patterned wall paper can also be used and implemented for feature wall ideas.  Go online to get inspiration from the numerous sites which show off the different feature wall ideas living room and implement them accordingly so that you can do up your home in the best possible way that your budget permits.

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