Fireplace in Living Room Designs

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Great Fireplace in Modern Living Room Designs


Fireplace in Traditional Living Room Designs

Having a fireplace in every house in countries with four seasons is a must. So when it comes to winter or maybe fall seasons, the whole family can get warmth in living room. The best place for a fireplace would be in your living room. That is the place where family gathers around to watch television or just hanging out with other siblings or parents. There are a lot of fireplace in living room designs actually. Start from these following themes that can be applied to the designs of fireplace; the modern living rooms, country living rooms, Victorian living rooms, and contemporary living rooms. Those themes for a living room would affect the designs of your fireplace. Here are the explanations about fireplace in living room designs;

First, as for modern living rooms, the fireplace in living room designs should be made from metallic materials. The color of metallic will somehow represents the modern theme of a living room. A modern living room designs are usually decorated with sleek and monochromatic designs. You can look for silver, gold, and brass as the metal panes of a fireplace. These various metal panes actually are the frame of a fireplace should be. Second, for country living room design, the best materials that you can consider as the best fireplace in living room designs are stone and bricks. It is because bricks and stones are the most common materials used for the frame of any fireplaces in a world. Just perfectly fit the theme of living room that you use. If you use bricks, somehow it gives you a rusty and earthy kind of sceneries. If you go with stones, you will get a natural feeling, just like when you see clear water at the rivers that reflect the stones inside of water. You can choose a dark grey stones, which can be applied with dark shades of a gray as the rest of designs. Third, a Victorian living room would best described with a design that would bring you to the era where Victoria queen still on charged in UK. Your imagination would fall into a room with soft and pale colors. But those colors bring you peace and warm feeling. Last, the fireplace in living room designs would be for contemporary living room theme. It is more like the modern ones, but the contemporary is just same as its literally meaning; it somehow breaks the rules. The design for the fireplace can used the electric one, which all you can see is the fire inside of black tube.


18 Photos of the Fireplace in Living Room Designs

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