Home Bar Designs and Layouts

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Modern Style Home Bar Designs and Layouts

Design your own home bar can be a rewarding task since you can enjoy your leisure time and invite your friends to come together bring them to a home bar that you design yourself. There are some home bar designs that can be easily applied to create certain themes in your home design.

Luxury Home Bar Designs and Layouts

The first design you can apply is pub design. it featured with beautiful wood accents as the feature that recognize it as a pub design. you can redesign your home bar simply by incorporating it with an ornately carved wood bar. If you don’t have a home bar, you can purchase vintage and reclaimed bars to create a pub design affordable. For the other items around your bar, you can also make them complement. You can install stone floor tiles or carpet in earthy shades and complementary upholstered stools to create the design in a unity. The wood and flooring need to be contrasted with textured walls and lighter ceiling in complementary color.

This is one of home bar designs you can apply to your old or new home bar. Another design that can be applied is Tiki bar design. Tiki bar design is about the roof, not the bar itself. So, what you can do is use a simple carved wood in a plain finish as the roof. However, you still have to suit the roof with the height of the ceiling in your home design. if you have a low ceiling, you can use a light bamboo plank angle down from the ceiling. The other complementary elements are rattan wall panels or bamboo flooring wall panels and tropical bamboo stools.

Those are some home bar designs that can be applied to create a certain theme to your home through your home bar. So, consider which one is more appropriate for your home design and taste.

18 Photos of the Home Bar Designs and Layouts

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