How to decorate tiny modern bedrooms

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Tiny modern bedrooms can be a joy to decorate because the lack of space does not mean that it will be any less cozy or appealing. A bedroom is a very personal space and even if it is tiny, it does not mean that it can be any less elegant. The one issue that all tiny modern bedrooms will have is the lack of space and it is up to you to optimize the space to the best of your abilities.

The key feature of tiny modern bedrooms is the paint. Paint them in light shades to make the space look larger and pretty up the walls further with wall decals in striking shades and patterns. Once this is done, you need to think of great ways to make your room look larger. For that purpose, bring in furniture which is of dual purpose. That is, beds which have storage space inside the frame, bed end benches, stools, small couches etc. which also have the same feature. Modern bedroom furniture is typically minimalist and low lying and thus are perfect for tiny modern bedrooms.

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Dont fill your bedroom with furniture that will crowd it – mattress bedding is another option that you can explore, or you can think about buying a futon. Accessorize both these items with throw pillows upholstered in colorful cloth and make the bedroom look chic and elegant. Tiny modern bedrooms also place a premium on pretty lights and make sure you install subtle feature lighting for this purpose. To make your bedroom larger, you could also install a large mirror in a strategic point of the room – a common trick many home makers and interior decorators use to make their rooms seem larger than they actually are.

Last but not least, accessorize your tiny bedroom with a few personal touches in the form of a small glass vase of flowers, a few framed photos on the wall etc.

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