How To Install Closet Organizer

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How To Install Closet Organizer for Your Bedroom

These are the instruction about how to install closet organizer.  Notice on how you use the closet and the room. Measure your closet and determine how much space you have to work with, measure how much the frame of the closet, and how much it overhangs the space inside. Consider on which material you want to use whether metal wire or melamine. Compare costs of different systems and stores. Plan your closet, making sketches, and eventually scale drawings. Determine how much hanging space you will need. In a clothing closet, hanging storage will probably occupy most of the space and cost relatively little.

How To Install Closet Organizer Behind Stairs

Decide whether to include drawers or sliding baskets in your closet. This depends on whether you will be storing clothing or other small objects in the closet. Figure out how much shelving that you can include. Plan storage for large items, for any special purpose storage, for any work areas will go in the closet, and for shoe storage. For a larger closet, you may be able to combine multiple kits with a few connecting pieces. Shelves can be usually be shortened if the standard lengths don’t quite fit. Make a list of the parts and kits that you will need, based on sketch.

Purchase your closet parts. Empty the closet and clear the area around it for working. Locate the studs in the wall and mark them, locate the support rails. Use a level and a tape measure to get support rails vertical or horizontal and aligned with one another. Then mark the holes locations on the wall. Mark holes so that you can find both the horizontal and vertical location after you remove the bracket. Drill pilot holes in the wall you’ve marked. Install the support rails. Assemble drawers, modular shelves, cabinets, and any pieces that require. Attach the closet pieces to support rails. Secure the shelves, rod, and others to the support rails. Add any finishing touches, arrange adjustable shelves, wipe or vacuum up the dust and debris from the project. The last is move into your new closet.

17 Photos of the How To Install Closet Organizer

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