Ideas on How to Make Monogrammed Tea Cups

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Personalized Monogrammed Tea Cups

Having monogrammed tea cups are actually fun. Much more fun if you paint the monogrammed by yourself. If you are a couple then you must have some couple cups or mugs from your spouse. The sharing ideas are always sweet, since you will feel like you belong to each other. This can be your monogrammed tea cups ideas, by having your spouse initial name in your tea cups. So your spouse is also having your initial on his/her tea cups. That is one of some monogrammed tea cups that you can make.

Grisaille Monogrammed Tea Cups Set

There is this flowers idea for your monogrammed tea cups. Anyway, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in making a monogrammed tea cup. Simply by following these easy steps to make your own monogrammed tea cup. Things you have to prepare are the teacups which can be the thrifted one, since sometimes they offer the unique shape or design. You also need to the adhesive vinyl, and the sharpie paint pen. As for the last item, it is a quick drying ink marks opaque and glossy on light or dark surfaces. You can find it anywhere at the book store actually. Such a brilliant invention. Next for the tools, you are going to need the scissors and die cutting machine.

This one is optional, since you can do the cutting by using cutter. But you must be careful. Here is how you do it. First, you have to test the sharpie paint pen first. As for me, it works well in ceramic cups. Then you can start by cutting out the design from your vinyl. The designs vary in some kinds that you could use. Start from the first letter of your name, or a flower, star, cloud, cat, anything that you think will be easy to cut it down. Since the space of your tea cup is limited, so you have to sketch the design first. You can use shelf paper as the vinyl. The point is it has to be sticky. Third steps, you should cut your design out using Cricut, but you can use any die cut machine, punch, or you can trace and cut by hand. A fourth step is peeling the backing from your vinyl and applies to your teacup.  Make sure your design is centered and that the vinyl is stuck down well on the edges of the letter so that there are no air bubbles. Fifth step is now you can color the design using the sharpie paint pen. There are various colors that you could buy. Next, wait for minutes until you are sure the vinyl is ready to be peeled out. Be careful when doing this step. Last, you can bake the teacup to make the paint permanent. Once your paint is dry you will have a cute, unique, teacup.

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