Latest living room colors are beautiful

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Latest living room colors are all about being fun, vibrant, interesting and out of the box. There are a plethora of shades to be chosen now, especially since there is no more need for avoiding certain colors anymore. Earlier, conventional notions of living room colors dictated that there were certain colors and color combinations that could not be used. Now, however, that barrier has been broken and all colors are permitted to be used for interior decoration, as long as they are used in an aesthetic combination.

Take black for example, it is quite a popular choice of color where latest living room colors are concerned.  Black can be paired with other colors to make a very interesting statement where home decor is concerned. For example, pink, light pastel pink, lavender, light red, cream and beige will make an interesting combination with black. You can also use black as a feature wall color – paint one wall black and use framed posters, wall decals or other items of decor to jazz it up to make your living room look cool.

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Other colors that are extremely popular are red, pink, vermilion, purple, green and blue – and all shades of these colors. The traditional colors of beige, cream and white are generally used to complement the latest living room colors these days. You can also think about being creative with these colors. Paint the walls in a combination of a few colors, choose three or four colors and have a feature wall in your living room that has bright bands of these colors – go wild. Do not even leave out your ceiling. Paint it or texture it with interesting colors as well – a popular trend when it comes to home decor these days. This ensures that not only do the colors make your living room walls stand out but your living room ceiling too.

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