Living Room Drapes Ideas

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If you want to update the look of your living room, you don’t need to do something complicated and expensive since you can easily and inexpensively update the look of your living room by adding new draperies. Simply hang draperies will instantly change the whole look of your living room décor. There are several options of living room drapes that can give you both function and decorative look to your living room. So, what kind of drapes that is appropriate for your living room?

Modern Living Room Drapes Laurie Flower

Although drapes are decorative, you need to still consider the function of the draperies since the original function is to provide privacy in a room. If you need more than privacy, it can be for insulating heat lost in your living room, you need to choose insulated drapes. They are usually lined with a thick fabric in order to block light and insulate your windows. this kind of living room drapes are usually very effective to reduce noise outside give you more peaceful lounging space. These drapes are not only functional, but also decorative since they come in several different materials and styles. If your issue is about the style, you can buy drapes that made of luxurious fabric.

This is usually a good idea if your living room used for formal occasion, silk draperies are good option for creating an elegant and formal look with their smooth texture and beautiful sheen. If your living room used for family gathering, you can create a rustic look from textured silk drapes. Since silk is difficult to care, you can choose the one combined with cotton or taffeta. If your taste is heavy curtain, you can still pair it with sheer. This is because heavy curtains can look too heavy during summer and spring. So, you can soften the look by layering sheer draperies behind your heavy curtains. From some living room drapes above, you can decide which one is the most appropriate to suit your style and your living room decor.

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