Make room divider as a DIY project

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Make room divider and look for divider ideas if you have a large enough space in your home and if your rooms are massive and you do not know how to optimize them. Room dividers are very effective in creating smaller spaces within a larger space so that you can use your room in more ways than one. It simply involves creating an extra wall which does not necessarily have to cut out entire portions of the room out, but simply cordon off a bit of it, which you can then use for some other purpose.

Make room divider by cutting out a space in between a solid wall and leaving it free or installing a mirror or window pane inside it. Open book cases are also good room divider ideas. Place a large one in the middle of the room and fill it with books and potted plants. Visually, this looks like quite the treat and if you paint the book shelf white then it even adds to the space of the room. If your room is small and you do not want to block the entire space with a room divider then use a staggered bookshelf with similar effects.

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Make room divider by making ropes of beads or other material. Wooden beads on nylon strung from the ceiling to the floor is another way to mentally, if not wholly physically, cordon off a section of the room. Heavy braided jute rope is quite the favorite when it comes to this style of room divider ideas and making room divider in this way is easy. Another idea for making room divider is to use a rolling rack that you would generally use to hang your clothes on, can be used to hang curtains instead. Movable bookshelves, pots hanging from the ceiling in a staggered design in the kitchen, sliding doors, handmade screens made with paper origami, old records, fabric, panels hung from the ceiling with hooks – the room divider ideas are endless.


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