Modern Architecture Design of the Dwell Prefab Homes

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Fresh Modular Dwell Prefab Homes


Great Dwell Prefab Homes Design Ideas

Prefab homes seem to be showing up more and more in the media these days, especially with two large exhibits in Philadelphia showcasing their history this year. Like many, we hoped that prefab would be the answer to bringing modern architecture to the masses in the US and beyond. We thought that finally, modern home design would be attainable by those of us who aren’t pulling in lofty six figure incomes. There are countless modern architects and designers had tried their hand at prefab—from Le Corbusier to Frank Lloyd Wright to Philippe Starck—yet their efforts had resulted in a series of noble failures. It was not for lack of trying, but nothing ever seemed to get off the ground. In the realm of pre-fabrication, the United States was decades behind.

The innovative, modern pre-fab homes that were being built were in places like Japan, Sweden, and the Netherlands, where good design is omni-present. Sadly, little was happening in this country to move things forward. Since its appearance in 2002/2003, one of the most popular is Dwell prefab homes. Well, Dwell, is one of the prefab home developer. With its motto “At Home in Modern World”, it provides various architectural designs of prefab homes. They have various design a modern prefab home for $200,000.
An important thing the Dwell Home brought to light is that, with the majority of prefab construction across the country, a sense of context is missing. By contrast, the Dwell Home’s design fully exploits its surroundings: There are plentiful windows and sliding glass doors to frame the view and let in natural light, generously sized decks off the front and rear facades, and a roof deck with an outdoor fireplace. The stage has been set for future Dwell Homes, and now that the initial work has been done in engineering, planning, and coordination, the true cost and time-saving benefits of Dwell prefab homes can be realized. The Dwell Home Design invitational may have been a competition to build a single home, but in the end, you should believe that we’ve built a community of like-minded individuals excited about the potential of something that can improve the quality of our lives.


18 Photos of the Modern Architecture Design of the Dwell Prefab Homes

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