New curtain design 2013 will bring cheer into the home

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New curtain design 2013 is all about making the rooms look vibrant and colorful. Curtains are a very important part of room decor. They make the rooms elegant and sophisticated – they are important in completing the decor of a room. They protect the room from  the elements as such, and they also prevent prying eyes from invading the privacy of your home. That is why, window treatments and window curtains are so intrinsically a part of home decor.

It is essential that you should have new curtains at home if yours are faded and torn because they make the room very shabby and for this purpose think of new curtain design 2013. Go for bright colors like fuchsia, orange, vermilion and neon greens to light up a soberly decorated room. The best part about curtains and window treatments is that they are not permanent, can be replaced and brought out for special occasions only. You can buy lace for your home curtains – especially for those in the bedroom because they are so important. Bedroom curtains must serve the dual purpose of making the bedroom a romantic and elegant place and it also has to be practical. Therefore, since lace curtains will not really keep out the light, it is important that you complement them with heavier night curtains.

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New curtain designs 2013 for your living room can be heavy and ornate and they can look beautiful with valances, elaborate patterns and designs etc. Choose heavy and ornate curtains for the living room in materials like silk and organza when you want to decorate the room to the hilt.  You can also choose durable and cotton curtains in fun prints for your kitchens – and make sure they are not flammable material. Choose valances for the bedrooms because the flounce will go really well with the vibe of the room – and accessorize them with matching curtains or let them be just by themselves

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