Paisley bedroom designs are beautiful

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Paisley bedroom designs bring a beauty and an elegance into the bedroom that is rather unparalleled. If one is fond of beautiful home decor then paisley motifs are the best idea. What exactly is paisley? Let us explain to the uninitiated – paisley is a motif, a design, that is based on the Indian pine cone design and it is a curved, feminine and beautiful pattern that is widely used in upholstery, curtains and even wall papers and wall decals. Paisley bedroom designs are fantastic for the bedroom especially but this print can also be used in small accents in other rooms.

Paisley bedroom designs look lovely as a wall paper. Choose a paisley motif in pink or light pastel shades, especially if your walls are in light colors. If your walls are painted in light shades of beige, brown or beautiful cream then you can choose a light pink paisley motif for the walls. Have a large section of the wall as a feature wall just behind the headboard. Or, even better, go the typical way and choose paisley bedroom designs for your bedspread or curtains. Paisley is also a great motif for a wall decal.

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A dramatic way to dress up your wall is to choose a single paisley print or motif as paisley bedroom designs. One large paisley pattern on your wall will make the room stand out. A small border of paisley prints along your window sill or door is a cute way to dress up the bedroom. Black paisley prints make a bold statement when it comes to paisley bedroom designs as well. Paisley makes sense as a motif for bedroom design too because it is supposed to be a motif for fertility and abundance so it makes sense for a couple to have it in the bedroom.

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