Pretty bedrooms are for pretty girls

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Pretty bedrooms are well loved by little girls – big girls too of course. The word pretty has different connotations for everyone of course, what is pretty for one little lady might not be pretty for the next. However, if we were to define the word pretty broadly then it would be by the elegance of the room and how neat, well organized and visually and aesthetically appealing it is.

Pretty bedrooms have one uniform theme – that of space and elegance. Therefore to achieve a uniform prettiness, it is important that you do a careful analysis of the existing decor and throw out, donate or pack away things that you do not need – namely items of furniture that crowd the room and make the room look small and overcrowded.  Look for inspiration from catalogs and online stores so that you are well aware of the trends.

Cute Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls

Pretty bedrooms are also veyr careful about color schemes. Since we are using the word “pretty” it restricts the bedrooms to those belonging to girls and therefore, in keeping with what girls and women find pretty, it is safe to say that the color scheme will be partial to colors such as pastel pinks, reds, light mauve, lavender, light shades of colors essentially. The furniture is well upholstered in similar shades and are all about frills, pretty motifs, bows and suchlike. Once you have painted the walls and bought the furniture, ensure that you have correct lighting to accentuate the prettiness of the room.

Pretty bedrooms need certain pretty items of decor such as an antique dresser with a vanity and a mirror, an armoire with ornate carving, a pretty  and delicate arm chair and a bed end bench. The bed can be a romantic four poster which should have a carved bed headboard, etchings on the posters and a canopy from which lace curtains flow down around the sleeping form.

10 Photos of the Pretty bedrooms are for pretty girls

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