Beautiful Public Topiary Gardens Idea

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Topiary garden is a great feature and architectural design with the combination of lush greenery and structure resulting in a magic shape of bushes. The beauty of topiary gardens now have attracted many people and this is why it can be enjoyed not only in private homes, but also public area. Public topiary gardens are great places you can visit when you are looking for ideas for adding topiary gardens in your landscaping and there are some popular topiary gardens you can consider to visit.

Public topiary gardens as historical places

Most of all the popular public topiary gardens are historical place that creates a certain story behind the period the gardens made. Historical design is usually extremely beautiful since it is mostly made thoughtfully by the maker to showing or expressing or symboling something important which is need to be memorized. Longwood gardens is one of the popular topiary gardens located 30 miles from Philadelphia and it was deemed by the founding president of the International Federation of Landscape Architects, Geoffrey Jellicoe. It was built with the stunning topiary gardens in a shape of several great structures in order to save the tree at that time. The next popular public topiary gardens is Lotusland, which has blue slag glass recycled from the Los Angeles-based Arrowhead Spring Water factory living the pathways. The plants from this garden are varied numbering more than 3,000 specimens. This will really make sure you can find inspiration here. Another great topiary garden is Drummond castle. This garden represents a grand 17th-century Scottish garden that has been changed over centuries. The parterre in this garden has a low-clipped embroidery hedges with the shape of large St. Andrew’s cross geometric topiary. There is also a tower house that accentuates the long views from the garden to the distant hillsides.

Architecture Public Topiary Gardens

Since there are many public topiary gardens can be visited, it conclude that topiary gardens has become popular from many centuries ago and this is why adding this great feature in your landscaping can be very attractive.

18 Photos of the Beautiful Public Topiary Gardens Idea

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