Remodel a Cottage Style Houses Design

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Interior Cottage Style Houses


Luxury Cottage Style Houses

Cottage style houses should be casual, comfortable ambiance with light colors, natural fabrics and white, weathered furniture. Remodeling a home to cottage decorating styles results in relaxing feel. Cottage style decorating creates an attractive and informal living room atmosphere for relaxing with family and friends.

To create a cottage style houses, you can paint interior walls a light color such as soft white, barely beige or maybe pastel yellow to provide a cottage-inspired, neutral backdrop for placing darker furnishings reflecting cottage style. Add a faux finish if you want to make youth interior wall look vintage. Install rustic, wooden floors and attach dark wooden beams to the ceiling. It will help you to add cozy texture and warm color to your home. Next, install a black farmhouse sink in the kitchen. Paint kitchen cabinets off-white, distressing corners and edges to appear old and weathered. Add wrought-iron hardware with a hammered finish to cabinetry. Install heavy fabric curtain over windows to create a cottage style feel.

Select a variety of furniture pieces to reflect both your original home style and the new cottage style. Place an oversize leather sofa, armchairs upholstered in a neutral, off-white fabric and wood-and-iron accent tables with a distressed finish. Add a farmhouse dining table surrounded by a mixture of two chair styles, such as ladder-back chairs with rush seats and leather upholstered armchairs, enhances the eclectic look. Tall beds with wrought-iron headboards and oversize, rustic armories add charming character to bedrooms. Install metal and glass lantern style sconces with an antique finish on walls to provide bright illumination. Scatter wrought-iron table lamps throughout the house for task lighting. Finally, accessorize your cottage style houses with glowing candles, handmade pottery, woven baskets and genuine antiques. Add natural warmth to a space with pots of greenery and vases of fresh flowers.


18 Photos of the Remodel a Cottage Style Houses Design

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