Rich girl bedrooms are beautiful and elegant

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Rich girl bedrooms have always been the benchmark for bedroom decoration for a specific reason – rich girls can afford to have the most beautiful accessories, upholstery, paint and other accoutrements. And while everyone might not be able to afford the rich girl bedrooms accessories, one can easily look for cheap but pretty imitations. One can also include the popular motifs that rich girl bedrooms commonly follow such as a four poster bed, ceiling treatments,valances on windows, lace curtains, decals of crowns and tiaras and other such accents.

Rich girl bedrooms almost always are opulent and extravagantly done up – basically, the best that can be bought and the most beautiful accompaniments that money can buy. Think chandeliers, crystal lights, brightly colored rice paper lanterns etc. The furniture must be beautifully wrought and made of the best quality wood. Possibly antique and brilliantly polished, the furniture in rich girl bedrooms is usually very expensive and the best quality. One can imitate the designs that these furniture are popular in and make them, customize them after having a look at catalogs.

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Rich girl bedrooms are always done up in the best paint jobs and the best quality paint is used. One does not need to compromise on the paint, except that you can keep a look out for disclaimers, discounts and bargain offers for paint. You can also think of pretty decals and other items to accessorise the walls. Make an effort to buy fabric that looks beautiful and make your own curtains trimmed with lace and other ruffles which will make them look expensive. Go looking for items that would behoove rich girls bedrooms in antique stores, thrift stores and other places where you would be able to get a bargain. This way, you will be able to ensure that your bedroom looks no less than a rich girls bedrooms


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