Spartan Juniper – An Awesome Landscaping Design Ideas

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Spartan juniper Group

Have you ever heard about Spartan juniper? Well, just in case you don’t know anything about this Spartan juniper, it is also called as Juniperouschineses Spartan. It is a huge and tall green shrub which grows upright/ vertically. The amazing facet about this Spartan juniper is that it can reach about 20 feet tall or even more. But even it can grow more than 20 feet vertically; it will not grow more than 5 feet horizontally. This Spartan juniper has a pyramid-like top which only requires little pruning. The extensive pruning may only damage its natural shape for good. So, just in case you will prune your Spartan juniper, here is the direction of how to do it well. Buckle up and let’s go!

Brodie Spartan Juniper Spiral

You may need to get your Spartan juniper pruned just in case it’s needed. So, when you will do the pruning, what should you do? Firstly, get the dead & discolored foliage removed as well as broken twigs and branches or even infected foliage. Just get them cut individually, and remember not to damage the other healthy parts of your Spartan juniper. Next, get the shrub’s exterior shape perfected by trimming it using shears. This is aimed to get the branches’ terminal tips. Then, get the shears held roughly parallel with the surface of the shrub in order for ensuring the even cut as the result.

Then, get all of the cuttings pulled from the shrub’s interior as well as from the soil in order to get the plant keeps looking green and handsome. This will get the disease for the plant avoided since the plant is also in a healthy condition. Please remember to not cutting a Spartan juniper with no foliage, since it will cause the plant is not able to regenerate.

18 Photos of the Spartan Juniper – An Awesome Landscaping Design Ideas

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