Wall Hugging Recliner

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Prolounger Wall Hugging Recliner

Adding a recliner to a living room can be good ideas since you can have more space to get relax while having your body stretch for awhile forget about your tired. However, people in small space may face difficulties in realizing it due to the limited space of their living room. it is possible for them to have a recliner, but it won’t be enough especially is you have some members of family and some friends that usually come together. The best solution for this problem can be by using wall hugging recliner. This type of recliner allows anyone with any size of living room put this recliner in place without having to worry about lacking of space.

Relaxing Wall Hugging Recliner

If you know the design of sectional sofas, this recliner design can be familiar for you since it has the same design as a sectional sofa, the difference is just this is recliner and the other one is sofa. adding a wall hugging recliner for small spaces can be easy since you can do it by placing the recliner against the wall to save the space in your living room. since this recliner has been especially designed to fit with an angle of wall corner, it will exactly fit into any wall corner. This will be much more fun having some spaces of recliner rather than a single space. Having this kind of recliner will allow you to sit together with your family while laying your foot on the full size recliner. You can do this together with your family while watching your favorite movie or just hang out with some interesting conversation.

So, if you think you are not able to add more recliner to your living room just because the space, you can go with a wall hugging recliner to get more spaces to sit and relax.

18 Photos of the Wall Hugging Recliner

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