Best Flooring For Basement: Know Your Options

by Rebecca S.

Picking the best flooring for basement will take a little bit of time and effort on your part because a thorough understanding of your basement and the existing flooring is required.  You must assess whether your basement already has flooring, if so what is wrong with it, and factor in the process of stripping the existing floor off before laying down a new one. You also have to see if the basement floor is a dry one or whether it is prone to water leaking and subsequent damp. The climate that your home is in, is another factor that you have to consider. While doing your research find out what would be the ideal kind of flooring for your basement, what material you have to choose for it and what material you should avoid. Before deciding on new flooring and laying it down be sure to ensure that the basement area is dry and ideally it should remain so all year around for the flooring to stay sound. The best part about basement floors is that there is a lot of variety to choose from where floor tiles are concerned and you can get the best flooring for basement at a very competitive price if you make the effort of doing a bit of research before buying.

What is the best flooring for basement?

One can get any type of flooring for the basement, given the climate of the home – the first thing that must be taken into account is whether the basement is waterproof or not. There are cement flooring options,  hardwood veneers, laminates, porcelain and ceramic tiles for the basement floor etc. – and what you choose will be determined by what kind of look you are aiming for. There are any options that enable a home owner to get creative – for example, if one suffers from excessive rain or other water related issues such as flooding and so on, then you can paint or merely stain a cement floor which will not be damaged by the water. You can use stencils to draw patterns on cement floors – and you can also exercise your own creativity by drawing on them. If the home is in a climate that is susceptible to high humidity then it is best to have flooring made out of vinyl or linoleum which is also available in a wide variety of designs. These are easy to install as well and can be bought off the roll. Of course, ceramic or porcelain tiling is a great option if you want the basement floor to look highly sophisticated. These are the best flooring for basement renovation if you want a high end look.

Things to keep in mind when installing best flooring for basement

Depending on how expensive you want your basement project to be, choose the best flooring for basement accordingly. While ceramic or porcelain tiling is very beautiful do not forget it is also pretty expensive. If you want a water resistant floor then you will need to invest in linoleum or vinyl which is less expensive. You will also ensure that the basement floor is not uneven or cracked before you install your flooring because then the tiling might crack.  Having spent so much on best flooring for basement remodel, you do not want that to happen. For example, if you choose laminate flooring for your basement and you live in a humid climate where floods are normal a normal occurrence then you might not get your money’s worth as the laminate might crack, warp or buckle. And if you want a foolproof method of basement flooring – go for carpeting – easy to install, without the hassle of cracks, etc.

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