Cheap Basement Ideas: Choosing the Right Room Decors

by Rebecca S.

Cheap basement ideas are all over the internet and they are extremely fun to work with. As anyone will tell you, a basement is a largely underutilized space. Most houses use their basements to store unwanted furniture and stuff which has sentimental value but no practical use. As a result, a basement is almost always a dingy space, full of cobwebs and damp spots, filled with furniture shrouded in sheets, or boxes that are falling apart. The basement is also seldom well ventilated, the walls are seldom finished and the only light fixture that it usually has is a naked light bulb swinging ominously in the middle of the basement. Once the decision has been taken to transform the basement into something different – into another room that can actually add value to the house, it would be a good idea to make all the necessary repairs first. At the very end of the remodeling process comes the process of finishing which is also very important – because this gives you a basement room that is well decorated and appealing to be in. Therefore it is not a good idea to figure out what room exactly you would want in the basement and plan the finishing accordingly. Cheap basement ideas are aplenty and will help you get the basement of your dreams, right out of a catalog!

Creative cheap basement ideas

Cheap basement ideas involve transforming the basement using the items and materials around that are easily available and cheap to buy. These involve using window frames as dividers for the basement, buying furniture for it at distress or clearance sales and then refurbishing it, choosing upholstery from the thrift store, making the most of your own skills by building your own furniture or making your own upholstery. You can get great cheap ideas for the basement off the internet and then implement them in your own home.  You can easily buy a pool table at a thrift store, or make one, if you are planning for the basement to be an entertainment room for the family or a game room. If you want it to be a spare bedroom you can fashion or buy a sofa cum bed, so that it serves a dual purpose. Choose beautiful old lamp shades at antique stores and make the basement look lovely in the evening when you switch them on – fashion pretty and interesting lights by using old bottles of whiskey etc. Cheap basement decorating really involves a bit of creativity and a resourceful mind.

Choosing appropriate cheap basement ideas

Cheap basement ideas should be carefully chosen so that the money that is spent on décor is well spent and you do not have to regret your decision later. For example, if you have decided to make the basement into another room for the house then you have to ensure that the basement has no problem with water leakage or dampness as is the case usually with most basements. This is because, since the basement is in the very foundation of the house, the water table might be the source of damp spots or leaking water in which case you will have to repair cracks in the walls etc. as well.  Then, be sure that the house plan allows for extra installment and building of windows, putting in of light fixtures, plumbing etc. because you will need all this if the basement is to be made into a livable area. Cheap basement decorating ideas include installing a suspended ceiling and putting in overhead light bulbs to give the room a warm glow. Painting one wall as a feature wall or laying beautiful ceramic floor tiles and so on.

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