Choosing the Right Tapware for your Bathroom

by Rebecca S.

One place you never want to get wrong in a home is the bathroom. Besides the purpose it tends to serve, it can be one of the most sophisticated spaces in your home. Once you pick the right bathroom facilities such as the right bathtubs, shower-heads, brush basins, and, the right type of bathroom tapware to match your available space, your bathroom would go from regular to fabulous.

Indeed, your bathroom can be adorned just the way you like it. The availability of various designs and finishes makes selection very interesting. To choose the perfect tapware, you need to consider the design, material, use, function, and the nature of the bathroom before making a choice.

Things to consider when choosing Bathroom Tapware

Design and style: The idea of a perfect bathroom is up to you. Whether contemporary or conventional design; the choice is yours to make. The desired style of the bathroom will determine the type/design of tapware purchase.

For a conventional outlook, it is best to opt for refined heritage design. This will guarantee that your bathroom looks as traditional as you would like it to be. For a more modern outlook, it is best to keep the design classy and simple. You wouldn’t want to overdo it.

Use: Tapware is available in different types, shapes, and forms. A kitchen tapware will not be suitable for a bathroom tapware. The place where it is meant to be used will determine the type of tap to purchase.  

Kitchen taps usually require simple and a single design that is easy to access like the faucet tap. The bathroom, however, would require multiple tapware designs such as the bath tapware, the basin tapware, the shower tapware, etc.

Consistency: When shopping for tapware, it is best to go for designs that are a perfect match. This will make your bathroom appear more elegant and polished. Preferably, go for tapware that is similar in color and shape finishes. Round or square shaped finishes are more suitable. This way, it gives your bathroom uniformity.

Function: This is a very important factor to put into consideration before shopping for your bathroom tapware. Houses with multiple bathrooms usually come in different sizes e.g the master’s bathroom (which usually has more sophisticated facilities) and other bathrooms in your home.

The functions of the bathrooms and the people who are meant to use them will determine the type or design of tapware to shop for. For instance, the master’s bathroom is usually the heart of the home. It would not be out of place to equip it with the best facilities.

On the other hand, the visitor’s bathroom is not frequently visited and is mostly used by guests who stay for a specified period.  You might want to go for a bathroom tapware that is simple but also elegant and durable.

Finally, you must purchase standard tapware as this will save you a lot of repairs/replace cost in the future.

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