Cool Basement Ideas For Lounging Area

by Rebecca S.

There are so many cool basement ideas that one can easily implement and make their basement a better place. The basement is usually, a largely underutilized space which is used to store junk and items of the house that have sentimental value but no practical use and cannot be thrown away. But if one can bring oneself to make a careful analysis of what is in the basement and evaluate and throw away what is absolutely not required, then you can think about transforming the basement into another room for the house – which not only adds value to the home but is also a good way to utilize extra space. The best part about a basement room is that you can always make it into your own space. A basement is often used as a “man-cave” for growing boys and adult men. Which means that they take their pool tables, their bars, their dart boards and their home theaters into a space that is solely for their private enjoyment and space. Home owners can also think about making the basement into a spare bedroom, a guestroom, an extra bathroom, a family room and so on and so forth. Look up cool basement ideas for your home online and ensure that you do not overspend on the décor and repair.

Interesting and cool basement ideas

Some of the best cool basement ideas can be found online where you will easily find tons of pictures and tutorials to show you exactly how to go about it. A great way to utilize basement space is to turn your basement into a family room, and this is especially useful if you have a family that is large and there are many kids. Make the basement into a warm and appealing place which is done up with beautiful colors, warm colored rugs or mats in yellow or orange or red, the walls can also be done up in such colors and made to look warm and inviting. Have a television set placed on the wall, and have shelves around for the rest of the home theater paraphernalia – speakers etc. You can also have Styrofoam tiles installed on the walls and on the ceiling to make the room soundproof and make the acoustics in the room better. You can also build your own bar into this basement, and cover the ceiling with appropriate lighting, interesting tiles to fortify it etc. There are plenty of great ideas for basements, you only have to look.

Cool basement ideas for kids

Cool basement ideas for kids involve turning the basement into their personal paradise. If you have little girls, you can easily turn the basement into a ballet room or a room for dance practice. All you will need is to install bars to hold on to and large mirrors. You can even make the basement into a room for band practice if you have young gentlemen at home who enjoy strumming on their guitars or practicing on their drums. For this reason you might also consider acoustic or Styrofoam sound proofing tiles for the wall or the ceiling. You can also turn the basement into a private indoor swimming pool though that would be a very difficult thing if you do not have the right kind of house plan for it. And before you pick out any cool ideas for the basement you will have to see how much repair work has to be done and factor in that cost into your remodeling scheme. Check out cool basement remodels online to get a good idea of how to exactly make your basement look appealing.

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